• Welcome to Westminster

    Westminster Presbyterian Church is a vibrant, open-minded congregation of 3,000 worshipping in the heart of Minneapolis on Nicollet Mall. 

    An engaged, urban partner sharing the good news with a world in need of God’s peace, love, and justice, Westminster has been a telling presence in the city since 1857.

    With stirring worship services, beautiful traditions, and a progressive church culture, Westminster is a home for people of all ages and backgrounds to deepen their faith and make a difference in the world. The church offers ministries in adult, children, and youth education; music and the arts; and social justice, with a highly engaged congregation welcoming and caring deeply for all people within and beyond its walls.

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  • Summer at Westminster

    Sunday Worship

    9:00 am | Communion | Chapel
    10:00 am | Worship | Sanctuary

    Wednesday Worship: Seek and You Will Find

    6:15 pm | Worship | Great Hall
    7:00 pm | Cookout | Courtyard
    Every Wednesday from May 27-July 29, we will feature different Westminster members offering their musical gifts to form an intergenerational house band. The thoughts and questions of our young people will guide our preaching and reflections.

    We’ll consider big questions for young and old alike, such as “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “Is God real" "Why should I be Christian or religious at all?” and “If we are created in the image of God, then why are we imperfect?” Come ready to ask, seek, and find— while celebrating the life we have together as a church family!

    On the Piazza

    Join us for the most lively Piazza on the Mall yet! From June through August, we'll have free:

    • Concerts by local musicians every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 PM
    • Yoga, provided by Yess Yoga, every Saturday from 10-11AM (mats provided)
    • Social Jam Sessions, where the public is invited to make joyful noise alongside professional musicians, every 1st and 3rd Thursdays from 7-9PM

    And as always, stop by any time for: ping pong, bocce ball, giant checkers, bag toss, grab a book at the little free library, or just to sit back, relax and watch the city life go by. Coordinated by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • Follow our summer adventures at #wpcmpls

    The Westminster Archive is both a collection and a place.

    The archive is a collection of legal and historical documents, correspondence, publications, photographs, and a wide variety of artifacts that record the history, corporate, and congregational life of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

    The Westminster Archive is also a place. Some early documents and artifacts are still stored in an attic room and a basement vault. The new archive and gallery office, library, workroom, and storage were built as part of the 150th Anniversary celebrations in 2008. Climate controlled rooms house both the archive and art collection following standard museum standards.

    An active group of Westminster members is engaged in the process of identifying and cataloging the archive collections, making this treasure trove accessible for future research.

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  • What's Next? Now through September 20

    Come for the Art, Stay for the Grace.

    The Westminster Gallery exhibits and collects religious and secular art representing diverse ethnic and cultural traditions. We feature art from the Westminster collection, private collections, and from regional and nationally known artists who demonstrate the connection between art and how it informs our faith. The church has a long history of collecting and incorporating art into both worship and daily life. The Westminster Gallery opened in 2002.

    At Westminster, we believe that art matters because it provides a communication tool between an artist or designer and the diverse audience that encounters the art. This encounter likely will generate thought, stimulate conversation, or evoke emotion. 

    molaCurrent Exhibition
    What's Next?

    June 21-September 20

    This summer’s exhibition of art created by Westminster members and friends features the construct What’s Next? Can we see into the future? Are we able to predict what is going to happen? Maybe. Maybe not.

    Sometimes an apparent pattern suggests what might be next and that lead gives us confidence and comfort in whatever happens. Other times, our best, educated guess for the future is way off the mark and we encounter a huge surprise. These variables make looking ahead with anticipation both exciting and cautious propositions. 

    To arrange a tour of the exhibition, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Exhibition Schedule

    The Westminster Gallery features approximately six exhibitions each year. The exhibitions during Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter are based on those themes, but vary substantially from year to year. A summer exhibition generally features art created by Westminster members and friends, and is curated around a particular theme. The other exhibitions focus on a single artist, a biblical theme, or may be inspired by current events. The work of other artists is frequently exhibited in the Great Hall, and the public spaces of the building are filled with original art from the collection.

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